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  • Follow-up : the act or an instance of following up, as to further an end or review new developments: The follow-up is often as important as the initial contact in gaining new clients.
  • High tech : of the latest, most recent technology.
  • Key : essential, a vital, crucial element.
  • Market : the business of buying and selling a specified commodity: the soybean market.
  • Snail Mail (informal) : postal service
  • To execute : to put into effect; carry out: a government that executes the decisions of the ruling party.
  • To set up : to establish, to start.
  • To start up : to begin, to put into creation.
  • To store : to fill, supply, or stock. To deposit or receive in a storehouse or warehouse for safekeeping.
  • Variety of makes and models : diverse supply of a specific line of manufactured goods, identified by the manufacturer's name or the registered trademark.


Anglais commercial

Networking in the Global Market


In today's business world, networking is key. Networking is defined as: An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support. Thanks to modern technology (email, fax, cell phones, etc.) networking is easier to do than in the old days of just Pony Express and Snail Mail. More and more industries are setting up a global sales network. Read the two examples given below of such industries.


MetaBand sets up global sales network!

The firm that makes high tech processors said it has set up a worldwide distribution and sales network for its products. Previously Metaband sold its microprocessors through a direct sales force.

But now it has appointed a whole heap of reps, distributors, and resellers to manage sales of its products.

Those include eight firms in the Americas, three firms in Asia - where it is comparatively strong in sales anyway - and eight European representatives. It has a separate set of relationships in Japan, its strongest market..

Several well known Japanese computer companies were seed investors in Metaband when it started up.

International Geiser Textiles and its Global Sales Network

International Geiser Textiles (IGT) stores mechanical equipment of a variety of makes and models. Included here are just a few of the many comments received every day from across the globe.

China: We are very appreciative of the good receipt of the machines and the professional service and follow-up you made.

Germany: This was the largest single sale of our entire division - and I must say IGT has performed promptly with payments and evacuation of the machines in the various plants.

India: The machines we bought from you in the USA work very well - and they have improved our product's quality- thank you. We will come back to you for more.

Turkey: We were very pleased with the way you executed this substantial purchase.

Questions 1.) Define networking. Try to use your own words.

2.) Metaband is now a global sales network. How did it used to run its sales?

3.) Who has Metaband appointed to run its new networking system?

4.) Who were the original seed investors for Metaband?

5.) What does the German client say about IGT?

6.) What does the Turkish client say about IGT?
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Listen to this businessperson describe networking possibilities.

Questions 1.) What is the first possibility when it comes to establishing a network?

2.) What is the second solution?

3.) What does this businesswoman remind the listener what networking is about?
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Present Perfect Continuous: is used to emphasize an action of the present perfect To build the present perfect continuous you use subject + have/has + been + verb + ing. For example: I've been arguing with my staff since noon today! (The focus is on the action not the fact.) To build present perfect continuous questions you use have/has + subject + been + verb+ ing. To build present perfect continuous negations, you use haven't/hasn't + been+ verb+ ing.

More examples:

We have been writing so many letters lately requesting unemployment compensation but nobody has replied!

You don't know the answers! Haven't you been doing your required reading?

Has your brother been working?harder than usual? He looks so stressed-out.

Questions Build sentences out of the words below using the present perfect continuous.

1.) I/ to work/ nonstop all week.

2.) Because of the bad economy the company/to terminate/about 60 employees per month.

3.) Unfortunately, the human resource manager/to not give/the employees enough notice.

4.) Lately, more employees/to quit/than accepting transfers.

5.) to listen/you/to me?

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